Review: Miranda in the Maelstrom #3

Writer: Riley Biehl (Miranda in the Maelstrom)
Artist/Cover Artist: Jamie Jones (Quarter Killer) 
Letterer: Taylor Esposito (Red Hood and The Outlaws, Finger Guns)
Script Editor: Brittany Matter (Spitting Image)
Editor: Nicole D’Andria (Road Trip to Hell)
Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment 

“Sail the Spinning Bottle.” When the Multiverse Maelstrom struck the wasteland, Miranda and Noodles were hooked and reeled through a portal to the deck of The Spinning Bottle. Staffed by Captain Cloud, his pillow pirates, and counting sheep, the magic ship-in-a-bottle is on a mission to bring sweet dreams to victims of the maelstrom. Eager to help and begin a life of adventure, Miranda joins the crew as their new spear girl. But when this bedtime story goes from dream job to nightmare mutiny, Miranda and Noodles find the pirate’s life is not for them.

What a wild issue! Things go from sweet and fluffy to chaotic so fast it’ll knock the stuffing out of you. But issue three of Miranda in the Maelstrom is endearing, exciting, and – you guessed it – FULL MORE NOODLES THE SHARK-DOG!

I love how well the characters are written in this series. It’s easy for a reader to become attached, and this issue definitely brought a few new friends into Miranda’s life. Smokey was probably my favorite, and I’m sure many of you would agree as well.

This issue, we have Jamie Jones on the art, and their style really suits the feel for this issue, I think. The art is fun, vibrant, and exciting, but can get menacing and dark when it’s called for. One of my absolute favorite letterers, Taylor Esposito, does a phenomenal job with the lettering and really gives the issue that extra touch.

Grab issue #3 of Miranda in the Maelstrom this week!


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