Tragedy Girls – WiHM

Teenage crime reporters Sadie and McKayla are hot on the trail of a crazed serial killer. After capturing the maniac and holding him hostage, they soon realize that the best way to boost their social media stardom is to commit the murders themselves.”

While I still don’t think we’ve quite accomplished a female slasher movie (which I’ll discuss in more detail later this month), Tragedy Girls (2017) aims close to the mark, and is definitely worthy of recognition during Women in Horror Month.

Tossing aside the stereotype of an outsider, lonely “loser” teen becoming the person on a killing spree, or obsessed with weird things, Sadie and McKayla are cheerleaders, prom committee, and from the looks of it at times – they’re social butterflies around school, talking to everyone. But they have darker motivations and obsessions, and aren’t delicate little flowers.

There’s a common theme of female bond in many horror movies that feature a female based killer or monster, which seems to be the opposite of the common themes for male based killers/monsters. The males are alone, isolated, and there is seldom any bonding seen. But movies like Tragedy Girls show two girls with a strong bond tackling everything together. Obviously, there are loads of exceptions to both of these cases, but the bond Sadie and McKayla have is very significant to this film.

There’s also a reoccurring theme of manipulation. They manipulate social media. They manipulate men – law enforcement, Jordan, even the serial killer they’ve kidnapped. From start to finish, they are strong and come out on top, while those they manipulate are made to look weaker through it.

Tragedy Girls is a blend of fun, silly teenage antics with the juxtaposition of harsh brutality and a cold lack of humanity. If you’re looking for a fun horror movie with some gore, female killers, and a dark way to look at social media – check this one out on Hulu.

Have you seen Tragedy Girls?


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