Review: Bliss #5

Written by Sean Lewis
Art by Caitlin Yarsky

SEAN LEWIS (DC Future State’s Superman of Metropolis) and rock star artist CAITLIN YARSKY return with the final arc of their critically lauded series. Benton has come face to face with Lethe on her home turf where memories are weapons. As Benton is literally tortured by the past, his son travels with the god Hera through the swamps of Feral City looking for the secret that could bring Lethe down.”

Bliss is back! One of my favorites of 2020 is back with an incredibly powerful first issue.

One of the truly beautiful things about this series is the love between a father and son, and that’s so perfectly highlighted in this issue. Everything Benton and Perry do for each other, and the love they have despite everything that happens, really steals your heart. But that isn’t the only moving thing about that issue, as we learn the lengths Benton went through to atone for what he had done. Sean Lewis really nails this issue.

The art is, as always, exceptionally done. Caitlin Yarsky really is one of the most skilled artists out there, accomplishing so much incredible work and giving us breathtaking art page after page. This duo of writer and artist together is really what makes Bliss so successful.

Be sure to grab issue five this week!


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