Review: Glarien

Writer: Charles Stickney
Letterer: Conor Hughes

Part One:
Artist: Romina Moranelli

Part Two:
Artist: Yishan Li

Part Three:
Artist: Conor Hughes
Colors: Fin Cramb

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, White Ash returns with three all-new tales exploring the romantic and bloody history of Glarien, the most dangerous elf to be found in the nine realms. This White Ash one shot is a perfect collection of stories for fans of Deja Thoris, Red Sonja, or people who like seeing an elf who knows how to handle a sword.”

I’ve missed the world of White Ash so much, and this was an absolute blast to read.

Glarien is sexy, and powerful, and the sort of character you just can’t help but love. The three stories within this one shot really capture so much about her. But not only that, they give us a look into the time before the White Ash we know, and some explanations I really loved.

Each of the three stories has a different artist, and each one is exquisitely done. I couldn’t pick a favorite of the three because each was so perfectly suited to their story, and absolutely beautiful.

Grab Glarien tomorrow, and satisfy that need for more White Ash in your life!


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