Review: I Walk With Monsters #2 and #3

Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Sally Cantirino
Colorist: Dearbhla Kelly
Letterer: Andworld
Designer: Tim Daniel 

Issue #3: “As Jacey and David prepare to hunt the Important Man, we discover the horrible histories that shaped them. Their partnership is test to the limit as they prepare to sacrifice their lives.

Some of you may know that in December, I was pretty sick (thanks, Covid), so here and there, I missed some things. To my own disappointment, I Walk With Monsters #2 was one of those things, but luckily Vault sorted me out with issue two so I can review issue three – so I figured we’d catch up on two during the review for issue three! If you missed my review of I Walk With Monsters #1, click here.

The bond between Jacey and David is beautifully showcased in both of these issues. A girl who doesn’t know love, and a man who doesn’t think he’s deserving of it, becoming a found family. It’s moving and so well done.

In issue three in particular, without outright saying these feelings, they debate back and forth about who will make this sacrifice, and try to keep the other out of it. It’s so powerful and moving. Seeing the flashbacks to when they first came to know each other helps solidify their bond to us so readers get the full picture.

The art is just as powerful and beautiful as the story, and helps convey everything so well to the readers. There are incredible things done with the way Jacey remembers and struggles with some things, the way it’s presented to us is such a good idea. The colors are gorgeous. The lettering is fantastic.

Everything about I Walk With Monsters is phenomenal and you should definitely be reading this series.

Grab issue three tomorrow!


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