Review: Stray Dogs #1

Written by Tony Fleecs
Art by Trish Forstner
Colors by Brad Simpson
Layout artist: Tone Rodriguez

“It’s scary being the new dog.

Sophie can’t remember what happened. She doesn’t know how she ended up in this house. She doesn’t recognize any of these other dogs. She knows something terrible happened, but she just…can’t…recall…WAIT! Where’s her lady?

A five-issue Don Bluth-style suspense thriller by My Little Pony comic artists TONY FLEECS and TRISH FORSTNER, STRAY DOGS is Lady and the Tramp meets Silence of the Lambs.”

What a pleasant surprise this first issue is!

Listen, I love Lady and the Tramp, and I love Silence of the Lambs. I wasn’t sure exactly how these two would mesh together but I was intrigued. A dog oriented suspense thriller sounded like it could be fun.

This issue is fantastic! This five issue series is promising us a fantastic story, full of mystery that will keep us glued from start to finish. It’s weirdly haunting for a seemingly cute dog book, at least on the surface level. But once it gets going, the unease sets in. And then, well… I won’t get into spoilers.

The juxtaposition of these very cute pages of very cute dogs that I very, very badly want to pet, with the looming dread being built between diagloge, memories, and the story itself is incredible. It aids that uneasy feeling being set up, and I’m completely in love with it. The art is sweet, the colors are perfect, the lettering is great.

I’m so excited for this series, and I hope you grab it this week!


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