Review: Complete Darkness Volume One

Written by David Wohl, Malachy Coney, Garth Ennis

Art by Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner, Joe Benitez

The criminal underworld of New York City is a dark and brutal place, but it’s never seen horror like this… In the opening salvo of this bestselling series, created by industry legends MARC SILVESTRI and GARTH ENNIS, up-and-coming mobster Jackie Estacado discovers a nightmarish new inheritance—the supernatural power known only as the Darkness! Weighing his conscience against the ability to mold the shadows to his will, Jackie finds himself dealing with worse than the usual wiseguys: an ancient cult, an angelic archenemy, and the corrupting consequences of the demonic entity empowering him. All this and more, gorgeously rendered and painstakingly assembled in the first of a series of absolute collected editions

Collects DARKNESS #1-18, TALES OF THE DARKNESS #1-4 & 1/2, DARKNESS: PRELUDE #1, WITCHBLADE #10, #18 & 19″

I loved The Darkness video games. But it wasn’t until later I realized they were comics. Unsure where to really dive in, I never started. But I was super grateful that this week in my things to review was The Complete The Darkness Volume One – 684 pages of Jackie Estacado and finally getting started on this series.

It had a lot of that typical 90s vibe: jacked pretty boy, minimally covered ladies, etc. But once you dive in, you get pretty invested – especially if you enjoyed the games.

Getting a deeper dive into this world, the Darkness, and the threats facing Jackie was a really nice way to revive fond memories of playing the games, and rekindled my desire to play them again, all these years later.

If you enjoyed The Darkness games and want to dive further into the life of Jackie Estacado, pick up The Complete Darkness Volume One today!


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