Hunt-a-Killer Horror: Blair Witch

Can you survive the woods?

Uncover the history of Burkittsville in this Blair Witch tabletop role-playing game. Work together with your friends or go it alone to overcome the malevolent forces in this terrifying experience from the makers of Hunt A Killer.

I’m so excited to announce I’m working with Hunt-a-Killer! They were kind enough to send out this box for review and I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it.

Need a fun date night when you’re stuck inside? Then look no further! Hunt-a-Killer is just what you need to add some thrill to your Saturday night, while staying safe and cozy on your couch.

To see the unboxing of what’s inside, watch my video here.

To really immerse yourself, pop on The Blair Witch Project in the background, and open up your first box to really set the tone. The first box includes 10 items: a letter from a worried mother, a notebook that belongs to the missing person, an ink pen that’s more than meets the eye, a bracelet, interview transcripts, missing person report, a behavioral record, magazine article, map of Burkittsville, and newspaper article.

I loved that after signing up, I received an email, addressing me as “Detective”, asking for my help in a case and informing me a box of evidence was on it’s way to me. That detail was so small but really adds another level to your experience.

I won’t share spoilers but I will say this was a fun first “episode”, and really helped satiate my craving for adventure while the world is still not ready to be traveled again, yet.

To use my affiliate link for Hunt-a-Killer Horror, click here and order your own! Or to check out their other mystery subscriptions, click here.

Let me know if you’ve tried Hunt-a-Killer before, and what you thought!


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