Review: Vampire: The Masquerade #6

Writers: Tini Howard, Blake Howard, Tim Seeley
Artists: Dev Pramanik, Nathan Gooden
Colorist: Addison Duke
Letterer: Andworld
Designer: Tim Daniel 
On Sale: 3/10/2021

Lick the blood off your lips…the next arc of Vampire: The Masquerade is here! After learning a disturbing fact about her fake childe’s past, Cecily must keep her secrets close and Ali at arm’s length. As she searches the streets of the Twin Cities for answers, a terrifying possibility surfaces: perhaps Ali has learned the Masquerade better than Cecily herself.”

The second arc begins! I’m so glad to have this story back. And boy, does this issue cover a lot of ground.

Both stories are fantastic. But there was something deeply enthralling about Cecily’s main story in this particular issue. Her hunt for more information. Her reflections on the past. Her laughter. But the second story was also just as good, and definitely thrilling.

The art was beautiful as always. I loved the juxtaposition of the different art styles, and the stunning colors in both. There were some very cool lettering choices made with a mirror early in the issue that I appreciate as well.

Grab issue five of Vampire: the Masquerade this week!


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