Review: Children of the Grave #3

Written by: Sam Romesburg and Ben Roberts
Art by: Gioele Filipo
Colors by: Marco Lesko
Letters by: Justin Birch

“Everything that Daniel and Cyrus have ever known is now in danger. Death will soon be raining from the skies, but they believe they’ve found an ally in The Mother. Who is this woman? Can she really be trusted?”

The world is turned upside down for our characters, and it’s honestly a very chilling reality they’re faced with. It’s a big shift in tone, diving head first into a heavy sci fi feeling. But it’s a great issue that excels the plot and leaves us shaken.

The art is great. The imagery of what is discovered is the perfect level of unsettling science fiction. Some of the art from the “before” time is absolutely haunting and brutal. The colors are beautiful. The lettering is also well done.

Grab issue 3 of Children of the Grave!


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