Review: Miranda In The Maelstrom #4

Writer: Riley Biehl
Artist/Cover Artist: Drew Moss
Colorist: Borg Sinaban
Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Script Editor: Brittany Matter
Editor: Nicole D’Andria
Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment

After being rescued from the Meg-Amalgam, Miranda gets a job with the Inter-Dimensional Emergency Association, aka IDEA. Eager to help other victims of the Multiverse Maelstrom, Miranda lets her ambitions get the better of her and ends up demoted to a desk job. Alone and bored with restricted access to her dog Noodles, Miranda makes a play to get herself noticed. But is IDEA really the altruistic agency they claim to be, or do they have other plans for the refugees they’re collecting?

This series really hits me in the feels, man. This particular issue has a heavy feeling of isolation for Miranda. Separated from Noodles, her friends, and a feeling of purpose and belonging, it really resonates. Especially after a year of isolation for readers because of the pandemic – many, I’m sure, have struggled with isolation and feeling lost.

But, in proper Miranda fashion, when trying to overcome this struggle, she tumbles head first into new trouble.

I love the art in this one. Well, I love the art in all of them. But the characters and colors are all so great. Especially the interesting new types of characters that pop up here and there, before leading to the end of issue artist change, setting it up beautifully. Taylor Esposito nails the letter, as always.

Well done to the entire team!

Grab issue four of Miranda in the Maelstrom this week! Better not miss out on this series. It’s a fantastic one.


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