Review – Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #6

Story by: Katana Collins, Sean Murphy
Art by: Matteo Scalera
Colors by: Dave Stewart
Letters by: AndWorld

Gotham City’s fate hangs in the balance in this conclusion to Harley Quinn’s quest to catch a serial killer!
Harley knew the risks when she agreed to help the GTO capture Gotham’s most savage new criminals and all her fears have come to pass. Her pursuit of Starlet and the Producer has magnified the overwhelming responsibilities of motherhood, endangered her life and loved ones and forced her to revisit the most painful memories of her own criminal past.
Now, on the eve of Starlet’s final spectacular act at the Gotham Film Festival, the case has become personal. As Harley grieves a shocking personal loss, she prepares to risk everything to prove she can deliver on her commitments and bring the case to a close. With one final assist from Bruce, Harley heads to center stage for a showdown that will make or break Gotham’s future—and determine Harley’s role within it.”

I cannot begin to describe how much I loved this series. It breaks my heart to see Harley’s solo White Knight book end. But man, it was DAMN good.

Issue six of Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn made me cry. Not only was it full of stunning art, incredible storytelling, and so much respect for my favorite character – but it also had my very minor contribution to Harley’s history – helping to name her new Noir suit. Thanks again to Sean and Katana for talking to me so much throughout this series!

But, back to the point: this issue was absolutely perfect. Action, heartbreak, and feel good moments that helped soften the blow on losing this series. I can’t wait to see more of Harley in the White Knight universe, and definitely hope they can bring Katana Collins back in future spin off books!

As always, Matteo Scalera did phenomenal work bringing this story to life while keeping everything very grounded into Sean’s art and already established White Knight world. Dave Stewart gave us breathtaking colors. Andworld Design nailed the lettering.

I’ll have a full series tribute post soon (similar to what I did with Batman: White Knight) after everyone has had a chance to catch up!

Do NOT miss this issue! I may have gotten myself extra copies haha.


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