Review: Frank at Home on the Farm #3

Story by Jordan Thomas
Art by Clark Bint
Letters by LetterSquid
Graphics by Daniel Gruiit

Frank thought things couldn’t get any stranger. Well, the animals have something to say about that. The storm has well and truly arrived, and now Frank must face a whole new world of horrors as the mystery of his missing family spirals out of control.”

In this psychological horror, everything feels surreal and unsettling. Frank at Home on the Farm #3 continues to blur the line between horror and mental health declining. Frank has endured so much trauma, it would be no surprise if this were all him slipping into madness. But there has been a slow build up into this massive break when the animals start talking, and that’s a fantastic move writing wise.

The use of art in this series is exceptional. The twisted, almost human like characteristics of the animals is deeply unsettling. The use of shadows is stunning. We’re spiraling with Frank. And the lettering really helps convey all of this as well.

Grab Frank at Home on the Farm #3 and spiral into madness with Frank.


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