Anime I’ve Watched Recently #3

If you missed the first two posts, feel free to go check out Anime I’ve Watched Recently #1 and Anime I’ve Watched Recently #2.

It’s that time again, boys and girls – a round up of all the anime I’ve been watching recently, if I recommend, etc.

So let’s get started:


I’m beginning my Naruto journey. Partially for research for a thing. Partially because it’s just time I tackle this one. So far, it isn’t my favorite anime, but I’m enjoying it, and I adore Kakashi. I’m only 40 something episodes in, so I’ll have an update next month!

Demon Slayer

I couldn’t resist watching any longer – especially with the movie coming to America, soon. And I am IN LOVE. Demon Slayer is so good, and easily one of the most beautiful anime I’ve ever watcher. I’m obsessed, and the movie CANNOT get here soon enough!

My Hero Academia – Season Five, Episode One

I had to watch in Japanese even though I’m used to dub, but what a first episode! Sure, there wasn’t much profound plot impact in the first episode, but it was more than just a recap. AND that AFTER CREDIT SCENE?!?! I’m so ready for the next episode.

What have you guys been watching lately? Have you given Demon Slayer a try?


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