Upcoming Harley Quinn Trades You Can Preorder NOW!

Popularity is holding steady for our favorite Clown Princess of Crime. The Suicide Squad trailer. A name drop in Zack Snyder’s Justice League that resulted in me getting 10 trillion messages. A video game (Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League) next year. And a brand new solo series, bringing her back to Gotham.

Behind on some of her more recent comic book adventures? Fear not! Plenty of goodness is up for preorder and coming SOON!

I’ll be linking my Amazon Affiliate links, but you can preorder through your local shops, bookstore, etc. But if you do choose to use these links, it gives me a small commission that goes back into keeping this site running.

Suicide Squad: Bad Blood

Hyped for the new trailer? Wanting to get a taste for the Suicide Squad without diving too far into comics? Grab the most recent series by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo. Absolutely stunning in so many way, and definitely going to get you ready for some shenanigans.

Preorder here.

Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn

I’ve been screaming from the rooftops about how in love with this series I am. The collected edition of all six issues can soon be yours! This book gives so much love and respect to my favorite gal, and if I could recommend one book to prioritize – it’s this one.

Preorder here.

Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red

If reading these stories individually digitally wasn’t your thing, you’re in luck! Available for preorder, this series full of beautiful different stories and collaborations will be a fantastic fix for your Harley cravings.

Preorder here.

Harley Quinn: No Good Deed

Okay, okay. This one is a ways out, still. But, I have faith in the new Harley Quinn series by Stephanie Phillips and Riley Rossmo, so let’s get preorders in now for the trade!

Preorder here.

Alright, folks. There’s my current preorder recommendation list. What will you be buying? What do you recommend yourself?


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