My Inuyasha Pop Collection!

As the title promised, a quick little post showing off my Inuyasha pops now that I finally have them all! This is my favorite anime, so I knew I absolutely had to have ALL of these pops.

Standard Inuyasha Pop! and Demon Dog Sesshomaru Gamestop Exclusive Pop!

Kagome Pop!

Sesshomaru Pop!

Hot Topic Exclusive “Evil” Inuyasha Pop!

Inuyasha vs Sesshomaru Anime Moment Pop!

I added my Amazon Affiliate links to each one but fair warning: They’re expensive. These pops vanished fast and I’m surprised I obtained them all at normal price. Definitely try to find them cheaper if you can!

Which pop is your favorite? Do you hope for a second line? If so, which characters do you want to see?


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