Review: Bliss #6

Written by Sean Lewis
Art by Caitlin Yarsky, Colors by Ari Pluchinsky

Whatever happened to Perry’s mother, Mabel? For issues, the question has floated, and now we discover the fate of our heroine. As Benton relives his path from monster to reconciliation and Perry desperately tries to return with the one thing he believes can save his father, the goddess Lethe probes deep into both men’s pasts to bring back the one pain neither of them can live with.”

This issue absolutely broke my heart in so many ways. Already, we have the tragic father and son story at the heart of Bliss. But as the details unfold for us and we learn more about everything that has happened, along with everything that’s happening to Perry and Benton now, it just shreds your heart into pieces.

It’s obviously beautifully written, but the art is just as stunning. It’s captivating visually just as much. There is so much emotion conveyed simply in imagery, and it’s incredibly powerful.

Grab issue six of Bliss this week!


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