Review: Children of the Grave #4

Written by: Sam Romesburg and Ben Roberts
Art by: Gioele Filippo
Colors by: Sara Filippo
Letters by: Justin Birch

The harvest is coming! Daniel, Cyrus, and the mother race to save the children of Terra. Will their warnings be heeded or will they be labeled as traitors? Witness the blood soaked climax to this extra-terrestrial epic.”

Issue four, the penultimate issue of Children of the Grave, may very well be the best issue yet. Absolutely action packed from start to finish, the tension is high and everything is resting on Daniel’s shoulders, now. I couldn’t stop reading and I cannot wait to see what happens in the final issue.

This may be my favorite issue art wise, as well. It’s been great all along, but something felt elevated about this one. There was more emotion, probably due to the high stakes of the issue itself. But something about it was just so perfect. The colors and lettering were also excellent.

Grab issue four this week!


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