Review: HAHA #4

Written by W. Maxwell Prince
Art by Peter Horvath

Lettered by Good Old Neon

“GUSTAV IN THE WORLD OF FLOATING OBJECTS” A wise clown once said that everything floats…and he was right. The comic book with a literally laughable title drifts into the big, blue sky with an issue hand-painted by watercolorist PATRICK HORVATH.

“A wise clown once said that everything floats.”

There is something very beautiful about this issue. Something light despite being heavy. Two different stories happening at once, but still intertwined and pertinent to one another. I love the comparisons one story has to the film UP. The other is a surreal look at our souls and reflections of life. It’s very different from issues of HAHA so far but still fits in perfectly.

The art is perfect for this one. The lightness of the watercolor reflecting the story elements. The realistic characters and non-clown story elements reflecting clown imagery in things like the mother’s shirt, or the boy’s kite. The lettering is fantastic as well and suits the story and art perfectly.

Don’t miss issue #4 of HAHA this week!


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