Review: Luna #3

By Maria Llovet

As Lux and Teresa unite their bodies, her consciousness is transported somewhere else…and she discovers something – and someone – of a divine nature. But this journey across realities will reveal unexpected truths to Teresa about the Family of the Sun…and herself.”

Full of sexuality, awakenings and realization, and a step further into understanding what is happening and why, Luna #3 definitely feels like what I imagine a trip would feel like. But I’m very curious where this story is headed, and just what exactly is going on.

The vibrancy of the colors, combined with the imagery that twists and swirls and feels so full of motion really adds to the tripping effect that really is a theme throughout this series. While there is quite a bit of sex in this book, it feels more artistic than raunchy, and it can be quite beautiful in many panels.

Grab issue three of Luna this week!


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