Review: Miranda In The Maelstrom #5

Writer: Riley Biehl 
Artist/Cover Artist: Tintin Pantoja
Colorist: Tintin Pantoja
Letterer: Taylor Esposito 
Script Editor: Brittany Matter 
Editor: Nicole D’Andria 
Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment

In a foolish attempt to get promoted at IDEA, Miranda fell through a dimensional portal and finds herself alone in a seemingly abandoned city. But when she feels eyes on her, Miranda discovers that this hostile world is populated by inanimate objects bent on killing off all organic life. Will a group of resistance fighters help her get back to IDEA and Noodles, or will they use her for their own nefarious schemes?

My heartbreak over Miranda being separated from Noodles is somewhat eased by a Brave Little Toaster reference.

That’s it. That’s the review.

But in all seriousness: Miranda In The Maelstrom just keeps getting better and better with each issue, and my heart is so invested with Miranda and Noodles that if something happens to them, I may need therapy afterwards.

This round of art really suits the inanimate objects brought to life story line, with fairly cute objects and a juxtaposition of violence that leaves you feeling like Miranda does. Plus, as stated above: Brave Little Toaster reference that you need to keep your eyes peeled for. And as always, Taylor Esposito killed it on the lettering.

Grab issue five this week!


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