Review: Frank at Home on the Farm #4

Story by Jordan Thomas
Art by Clark Bint
Letters by LetterSquid
Graphics by Daniel Gruiit

This is the end. With the animal civil war reaching a gruesome conclusion and law enforcement closing in, the time for Frank to act has arrived. Will Frank find the answers he seeks? Can the horrors be stopped? One thing is for sure, the animals won’t be going down without a fight in the exciting finale!

Probably my favorite issue, and the most horrifying, Frank at Home on the Farm ends with issue four with one hell of a conclusion. Everything comes together and ties the story up. We understand what’s been going on in Frank’s reality, at long last.

Some of the pages in this issue are spectacular and gruesome, a few panels are downright haunting. It’s powerful imagery like this that really sticks with you long after you finish a series. I know I won’t be forgetting this journey for some time.

I’ll miss Frank at Home on the Farm, but this psychological horror has been one hell of a fantastic ride and has a finale that lives up to the series.

Grab the finale to Frank at Home on the Farm this week!


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