Review: Witchblood #2

Writer: Matthew Erman
Artist: Lisa Sterle 
Colorist: Gab Contreras
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Designer: Tim Daniel
Cover A: Lisa Sterle 
Cover B: Lisa Sterle 
Cover C: Yoshi Yoshitani 
On Sale: 4/28/2021

Chapter Two: Burnin’ For You!

With Carlos burning, the injured witch Yonna has taken off into the wild deserts of West Texas. Meanwhile, Paxton LaBelle and The Hounds of Love ride to New Madrid in victory, following divination magic to their next target.

More of the story is unfolding, and with it, we’re learning more about the world Witchblood is set in and Yonna’s place in all this. It’s fun, unique, and even better than issue one – which I loved. It’s easy to understand why everyone is loving this series!

The art is beautiful and vibrant. The variety of characters, interesting magical elements, and crazy violence are all excellent and so visually appealing. The art and colors go so well together. And Jim does an excellent job with the lettering, as always.

Grab issue #2 this week!


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