Mooby’s Pop Up in St Louis!

The Mooby’s franchise has been brought to life from the world of Kevin Smith’s films, and it’s been touring around the US. Luckily for me, it came to St. Louis, and I was able to continue my journey of following Kevin Smith to the end of the world. (In case you missed them: Meeting Kevin Smith and my experience with The Secret Stash/Comic Book Men.)

You can watch a short video of my Mooby’s experience here.

I was exceptionally lucky to go twice. Yes. I know. I’m ridiculously lucky.

The first trip was Saturday with my boyfriend. We had an absolutely great time and our food was delicious.

We had Cow Tippers, Onion Rings to rule them all, and shared an order of Hater Tots. Plus we added on drinks and souvenir boxes similar to Happy Meal boxes. The onion rings were seriously some of the best I’ve ever had, and we both loved the burgers.

My mom and I have been the duo for all of my other Kevin Smith oriented adventures ( aside from Pizza Fries and watching the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot with my best friend), so she also grabbed us tickets for Tuesday (when I’m writing this) – and, again, we both had a great time.

The theme was set so perfectly. Everything was Mooby’s oriented and felt like you were in a fast food restaurant. Behind the counter, Kevin’s movies played. Merch was available for purchase. It was immersive and fun, and something I’d do again. Well…. obviously, I DID do it again.

If you’re a fan of Jay and Silent Bob, Kevin Smith, or just fun pop up restaurants – I cannot recommend this experience enough! Keep an eye out for your city and buy tickets as soon as they’re on sale.

Snootchie bootchies.


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