Review: Children of the Grave #5

Written by: Sam Romesburg and Ben Roberts
Art by: Gioele Filippo
Colors by: Sara Filippo
Letters by: Justin Birch

Daniel may have beaten Cruise, but he failed to save those he loves. The fate of Terra and the future of humanity has not been sealed yet! Is there still hope? As Cyrus is taken to join the rest of those forced into repopulation, both Daniel and The Mother spring into action in their final push to save her and the rest of humanity. Prepare for the shocking finale!

What a finale!

What a beautiful end to a fantastic story. Full of vengeance, heart break, love, and hope – this issue is everything you could want from the end of this story. Definitely almost brought me to tears with a particularly touching moment.

The art was beautiful and powerful. This issue needed that sort of strength to nail the ending and it absolutely did. The colors were great. The lettering was spot on. Definitely a great job all around.

Grab the final issue this week!


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