Review: Bliss #7

Written by Sean Lewis
Art by Caitlin Yarsky, Colors by Ari Pluchinsky

THE PENULTIMATE ISSUE!! The lauded miniseries is near its completion. LETHE battles to the end with BENTON and PERRY. While over the mountains, a new and final threat emerges. The townspeople and victims of Feral City

I’m not ready to deal with the emotional impact I feel coming in Bliss.

There’s so much to this story I adore. The unique, heartbreaking plot. The excellent portrayal of a father and son’s bond. The emotional investment I have to everything happening. It’s a series I wish could continue forever, because it’s one of my favorites of recent years.

Again, the art is mind-blowing. The unique designs, settings, and characters are incredible and something you just need to sit back and appreciate. The colors are perfect. The lettering is fantastic.

Grab issue #7 this week!


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