Review: Broken Souls Ballad

Writer: Massimo Rosi
Artist: Ludovica Ceregatti

Black Caravan Imprint. Saint Abigail’s Institute creates monsters – and those monsters are teenagers! The story begins as several teens discover that they possess out-of-the-ordinary abilities, in each case related to their psychosomatic conditions. The resulting trauma caused by this horrific discovery leads them to stray from their normal teenage lives; some to seek answers, others in a desperate attempt to escape their terrible fate. Meanwhile, a mysterious organization working for the government begins to track down the kids with the goal of “bringing them home.” 

An absolutely fascinating new series in the Black Caravan line up at Scout Comics, Broken Souls Ballad feels like a mashup of Stranger Things meets New Mutants, but even darker than both. Unique, tragic, and addictive, this first issue was an absolute hit with me.

The art was SO good. Unique creature/power designs. Excellent horror scenes. Colors that are so perfect for each scene. And lettering that’s fantastic.

Grab issue one this week!


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