Review: Hollow Heart #3

Writer: Paul Allor
Artist: Paul Tucker
Colorist: Paul Tucker
Letterer: Paul Allor
Designer: Tim Daniel 
Cover A: Paul Tucker 
Cover B: Jen Hickman
On Sale: 5/5/2021

EL and Mateo launch their escape, but it immediately falls apart as Mateo’s meticulous planning clashes with EL’s brutal desire to inflict cruelty upon those who were cruel to him. In the end, EL must decide whether to prioritize his own freedom or the destruction of others.”

Very action oriented with an important messaged woven into it, issue three of Hollow Heart doesn’t go exactly as the characters plan – any of them. Bitter loneliness, revenge, and more weigh heavy in this one. I want to see EL have a good, free life. But can that even be possible?

The art is gorgeous, as expected. The colors are absolutely unique and beautiful. EL is still such an amazing design that I adore. The scenes are all well done. And the lettering is excellent as well.

Grab issue three of Hollow Heart tomorrow!


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