Review: Proctor Valley Road #3

Written by Alex Child and Grant Morrison
Illustrated by Naomi Franquiz
Color by Tamra Bonvillain
Lettered by Jim Campbell

The girls are supposed to stay out of trouble…and away from the haunted stretch of Proctor Valley Road.
But a stolen police car leads to the return of the Proctor Valley Bull and more danger than anyone could imagine…”

Sometimes you have to wonder what the Scooby Gang would do with this sort of nightmarish hell scenario when bodies start piling up? Would Velma miraculously unmask the Landlady and realize she was the school principal all along? Honestly, I’m not sure they’d make it.

But the girls of Proctor Valley Road are brave, clever, and determined – and they keep trying to solve what’s going on and rescue their missing classmates. Even though every time they try, it risks their lives.

There are some creepy and delightfully horrifying monsters in this issue. We see more of the hellish visions Proctor Valley Road has to offer, as well as some badassery as the girls take one of them on. The colors are gorgeous. Some fantastic things are done with the lettering.

Grab issue three this week!


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