Review: Stray Dogs #4

Written by Tony Fleecs
Art by Trish Forstner
Colors by Brad Simpson
Layout artist: Tone Rodriguez

Time is running out. Hackles are raised, tensions are high, and nobody’s had a thing to eat. When the Master’s away, the dogs will drag everything awful into the light. And the awful truth is nobody’s coming to set them free. Penultimate issue.”

The further along we go, the darker the story gets, and the more anxious I get for the dogs. The last issue had me crying. This issue evoked fear and horror. I could feel the panic, and it kept me on edge the entire time.

There’s an exceptional level of talent to make something so cute that has so much horror in it. Scenes in this issue that left me uncomfortable – a hard task for me, since I feel a bit desensitized to horror most of the time – due to the horrific nature of them and the lingering, awful realization that stuff like this can happen, and does happen. The colors are gorgeous. The lettering is perfect.

Grab issue four this week. But brace yourself for the darkness that awaits.


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