Review: Harley Quinn #2

Written by Stephanie Phillips
Art by Riley Rossmo
Color by Ivan Plascencia
Lettered by Deron Bennett
Edited by Dave Wielgosz

Ya sure you wanna double down on this gimmick? Awright already, I’ll do it! Harley Quinn is back again to tell ya that my mission to help heal Gotham City has already hit some bumps in the road. The awful Hugo Strange—psychiatrist, fitness freak and expert on tiny glasses—is trying to deal with Gotham City’s clown problem, and get this! The city is endorsing him while everyone keeps giving me grief! The only person who believes in me is my new sidekick, Kevin. You’re going to find out some real dark stuff about him in this issue, too! We’re both going to have to keep our guard up, ’cuz Hugo has an army of creepy orderlies he’s about to send after us.”

Time for a quick review off issue two of Harley Quinn! I got a little behind. But better late than never, right?

Harley wants to help the clowns and make Batman proud, but Hugo Strange has stepped on her toes and decided to announce he’ll be helping Gotham with their clown problems. But that wasn’t the only problem with Hugo that Harley will have to deal with. It’s a fun issue, with some reflective moments about what you can be, and if you can be more than what you are. Stephanie Phillips is doing an excellent job with Harley so far.

Riley Rossmo’s unique art style is a perfect fit for this story, this moment of Harley’s life, and this clown infested Gotham. The colors are an excellent compliment. The lettering is fantastic.

Issue two is out already. Keep your eyes peeled for my review of issue three!


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