Review: HAHA #5

Written by W. Maxwell Prince
Art by Gabriel Walta, Letters by Good Old Neon

“POUND FOOLISH MAKES A CASSEROLE” Every house is a haunted house, from the kitchen to the attic.This funny-haha anthology of dejected jesters takes a trip to the grocery store, with art by Eisner winner GABRIEL WALTA.

This was one of the most beautiful and touching stories of HAHA so far, and honestly may be my favorite. It was, very appropriately, a comforting story – which is a heavy theme throughout, so it’s absolutely brilliant that it was translated into the feeling of the story itself. Comfort like this – surrounding oneself with things that bring you joy (my collection), and comfort foods – it’s all something myself and many others are familiar with. This story was one you can really feel yourself in. It was incredible.

Beautiful things are done with the art. The initial overwhelming and eerie feeling a child gets when they’re scared and surrounded by things they don’t quite “get”, the glimpses of the past and “flashbacks” to another time. Everything brings the story to life. The lettering by Good Old Neon is excellent as well.

Grab Haha #5 this week!


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