Review: Bliss #8

Written by Sean Lewis
Art by Caitlin Yarsky, Colors by Ari Pluchinsky

THE FINAL ISSUE. The acclaimed maxi-series comes to its conclusion as Benton and Perry return to Feral City to face the families of those Benton murdered. Will forgiveness be gained? Will Benton’s death finally come to him?

It’s time to say goodbye to Benton and Perry and this whole beautiful, tragic story. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this ride. If you haven’t taken the dive into Bliss yet, this is an excellent series to read from start to finish. Take in the beauty of it all at once. Savor it while each previous issue is fresh in your mind.

This series is good at breaking your heart, but in the way you want as a reader. You don’t feel betrayed. You understand. You hold all the information, all the memories, and watch as the characters try to decide justice, absolution, and revenge. This issue is heavy and stunning, and it reminds me how deeply I’ll miss these characters.

As it always is, the art is gorgeous and lends so much to the incredible story being told. The development of characters over time. The harsh past. The painful present. Everything about this book works together to make something perfect and moving.

Grab the final issue of Bliss tomorrow.


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