Maiden Faire Renaissance Festival

I’ve always wanted to go to a Renaissance Festival type of event, but the timing never seems to work out for me. I’m either unwell, busy, or just unable to attend for whatever reason.

I almost thought this would be the case for Maiden Faire Renaissance Festival this past weekend until I realized they’d also be open Memorial Day, which worked perfectly for me. My mom, my niece, and I all got in the car and drove the short distance to the local ren faire.

I want to be completely honest: initially, on the drive there, I was not excited. I was tired. I’ve been really stressed out. I’ve been having issues with my Trigeminal Neuralgia. I just didn’t feel like being hot and walking around, knowing I had a mountain of work to get done later. It was all me, and nothing to do with the event itself.

But this fact is extremely important to the story, because Maiden Faire Renaissance Festival gave me something I desperately needed and never expected to find at an event like this: peace.

The first thing we did was wander the vendors. We didn’t buy anything this time because most funds were going to my niece doing things and, ya know, food and beverages. But there were some gorgeous things for sale.

The first thing aside from vendors my niece bolted toward was the archery stuff. She actually just got her first bow and practice target because she wants to learn (thanks to Kagome from Inuyasha, if I had to guess), but she hasn’t had the chance to learn yet. Luckily for her, I know enough to correct her as she tried it out. By the end, she made 3 of 10 shots. Not bad for a first try.

Her next activity, which was also a first: riding a Unicorn. She’s never ridden a horse or Unicorn before. But she did a great job, and ended up doing it again later in the day.

It made me happy to see her happy, but my melancholy was still lingering as we went about the day.

Next, we took a seat and enjoyed the Na’ava Sands Bellydance Troupe. I admit, I got more focused on watching than taking pics, so this was the only once I took during the show.

After, they let some of the kids in the audience come on stage and learn some dance stuff.

It’s safe to say my niece was a fan.

But, here’s where my day started to change:

My mom, my niece, and myself immediately fell for the Wonder Woman themed knight: Lady Rayka. I’ve always, always, always wanted to see jousting in real life, and I think that’s what finally started pulling me out of my funk. We cheered for Lady Rayka. I cheered. Loudly. And I realized at one point that I was just smiling and finally enjoying myself without it being secondhand happiness from my niece enjoying herself.

We agreed: we were definitely going to stick around for the end of the match later that day to cheer on Lady Rayka.

We decided to grab something to eat and drink while we waited, since we’d been there a while at this point. We grabbed some hot dogs and a soda (for the low, low price of $3 total for the soda and hot dog together), and enjoyed the music in the pavilion: a group called Pirates Creed.

As we enjoyed sea shanty after sea shanty, I realized I was really getting immersed in the positive energy around me. People were having fun. My niece was having a BLAST (have I mentioned she LOVES pirates?), and I was feeling good. My brain was in the best mental place it has been in for a while. I let go of the things stressing me out and started singing along to “Wellerman” as we watched.

These fine ladies (of Chaste Treasure) went on after Pirates Creed, singing and doing some delightful (but adult themed) comedy bits. Luckily, my niece was engrossed in her phone because she didn’t get the jokes. I didn’t grab pics during their performance because I was too busy laughing. However, I did grab this picture of them before.

But, we had to rush away as they wrapped up to get to the finale for the jousting match. We had to cheer Rayka on again this guy, after all.

Much to Dica’s delight, she got to give her favor to Lady Rayka, who then promised to win for her. Dica’s day was immediately made.

This was a match to the death, though, so we really had to cheer our girl on.

Things started getting pretty…. insane.

The battle was heated. But ultimately…

…Lady Rayka won. We all cheered.

If you want to check out the jousting / “Unicorn” ride group, they’re Equus Nobilis.

My niece and I decided we’re going to work on pirate costumes before our next Renaissance event and really get into the event.

If you missed out Memorial Day Weekend, fear not! There’s one weekend left. Go check out Maiden Faire Renaissance Festival June 5th and 6th, 2021. Enjoy the entertainment. Have a lemonade for me. Make sure you say hi to the nice hot dog people. Sing a sea shanty. Cheer on Lady Rayka – or whomever you choose to cheer on.


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