Review: Thistlebone

Writer: T.C. Eglington
Artist: Simon Davis
Letterer: Annie Parkhouse

The secluded rural village of Harrowvale holds a dark past — years earlier, on a farm bordering the vast tracts of woodland, it hosted a cult that was seeking to escape civilisation and find purity in the old ways, namely worshipping an ancient deity called THISTLEBONE. Led by the charismatic Jasper Hillman, their pagan beliefs grew ever more radical to the point where they held the young Avril Eason captive with the intention of sacrificing her. But Avril escaped…”

We have another excellent installment in “Angel Really Likes Cult Books” – Thistlebone!

When the review request was pitched to me as Midsommar meets The Wicker Man, I was sold. Give me that delicious, folklore, cult goodness.

But Thistlebone was so much more than that, and I was absolutely enthralled from start to finish. The story builds up the tension so beautifully, letting the horror elements develop into something incredibly satisfying. The blending of reality and hallucinations, leaving the reader unsure throughout, is expertly done.

The art was an absolute knockout. Seriously, these were some incredibly stunning pages that really added to the story, and the horrorific imagery was absolutely perfect. There were pages I wished I could have framed on my wall. The colors were beautiful as well. The lettering was so well done and really suited the book.

Overall, I loved Thistlebone and definitely will be adding this one to my shelves! I highly recommend it for other horror fans as well.

Order a copy of Thistlebone here, using my Amazon Affiliate link.


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