Review: Karmen #4

Story and Art by Guillem March

In the fourth issue, we get a glimpse of Karmen’s pitiless working conditions at Karma Corp., where she is seen as a troublemaker. Meanwhile, alone, Cata wanders hostile streets and overhears a conversation that brings a crucial realization about what she truly means to Xisco. Overwhelmed with insights about herself and her past, she races to his flat in the hopes of seeing him. GUILLEM MARCH’s art and deft storytelling reach a gorgeous peak in this second-to-last issue.”

Just when you think this series can’t break your heart any further, issue four shatters you. A realization that leads to a hopeless, desperate scene that makes you want to beg alongside Cata. I don’t know how this story will end. But we have one issue left to find out.

The art is absolutely breathtaking, as I always expect from Guillem March. The characters are incredible. The scenery is jaw dropping. The emotions are conveyed so stunningly. I adore it.

Grab issue four tomorrow!


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