Review: Proctor Valley Road #4

Written by Alex Child and Grant Morrison
Illustrated by Naomi Franquiz
Color by Tamra Bonvillain
Lettered by Jim Campbell

Plagued by day terrors and visions of a drenched woman, the girls search for answers about Proctor Valley Road at another haunted spot, the abandoned Haven Bakery.
Their inquiries into the spirit world will lead them to the local tribal reservation, but not before Rylee and August’s feelings for the same boy threaten to tear the group apart…”

This issue takes a step back from some of the more serious, real horrors in exchange for paranormal horror and normal teenage struggles. It works well for the series, giving readers a ton of supernatural dangers, while pulling on our heartstrings with the pains of just being teenage girls.

There’s some cool things done with the art in this issue. Specifically, the fantastic horror and supernatural elements. The colors are absolutely gorgeous and really bring the scenes to life. The lettering is fantastic.

Be sure to grab issue four this week!


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