Review: The Many Deaths of Laila Starr #3

Writer: Ram V
Artist: Filipe Andrade
Color assists: Inês Amaro
Letterer: AndWorld Design

More years have passed when Laila Starr, the now-mortal reincarnation of the avatar of Death, once again crosses paths with the future creator of immortality. * This time at a party where the young man will have a life-altering experience that will shape him for years to come. Will Laila change his path in this one night, or the other way around?”

This issue is told from a curious point of view, but it ties so much of this issue together neatly and beautifully. It’s so creative and really reflective on so much about life. There’s so much about this story for readers to fall in love with: mortality and what it means to be alive; love, both romantic and friendships; the connection between life and death.

The art is, as always, so stunning and unique. The characters and their interactions are perfect. The colors are absolutely breathtaking. The lettering is perfect. It’s really all so connected to the story and brings it to life.

Grab issue three tomorrow!


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