Review: Home Sick Pilots #6

Written by Dan Watters
Art by Caspar Wijngaard
Letters by Aditya Bidikar
Design by Tom Muller

It’s three months since a haunted house walked through Santa Manos—and now the US military would like a walking ghost-powered weapon of their very own, thank you very much. The Home Sick Pilots might be the key to their getting one. If they can be convinced to sell out, that is.”

The new arc has begun, and with it, we get a different perspective of everything happening: Meg, the blood that won’t wash off her, and the company wanting to weaponize her. It’s a shake-up from Ami, the house, and Buzz. But it’s still one hell of an issue.

The art is absolutely gorgeous, as we’ve come to expect from Caspar Wijngaard. The stunning designs and vibrant colors are breathtaking. It really draws us further into this incredible story and brings it all to life. The lettering by Aditya Bidikar is fantastic as well.

Grab issue six this week!


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