Review: Money Shot #12

Writers: Tim Seeley & Sarah Beattie
Artist: Caroline Leigh Layne
Colorist: Kurt Michael Russell
Letterer: Crank!
Designer: Tim Daniel 
On Sale: 6/30/2021

As the XXX-plorers reel from the loss of one of their members (heh…members), they face a major budget shortfall and a lack of desire to keep the hits coming. Chris deals with the unofficial parody films starring the XXX-XXX-plorers, while Annie has to figure out why all of their remaining power is going to a backwater planet…and rescue dear Doug while she’s at it!”

I can’t decide if I’m stressed for some characters, or heartbroken for other characters. This issue goes back and forth between excitement and problems, and coping with heartbreak. I’ve said it again and again, but my favorite part of Money Shot is the bonds and the very heart of the story. The characters are ones you genuinely care about. The fun sexy time and comedy are all just bonus to that core.

The new art continues to really nail the feel Money Shot had all along, while still giving us a unique take from the new artist: Caroline Leigh Layne. The colors are gorgeous as always. The lettering is spot on.

Grab issue 12 this week!


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