Review: Parasomnia #1

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Andrea Matti
Letters: Simon Bowland

From Cullen Bunn (Harrow County) and Andrea Mutti (Prometheus, Starship Down), comes a new dark fantasy tale of two worlds split between dreams and reality.

After his son disappears, a broken-down man braves a nightmarish dreamscape in order to find him–and battle the ruthless cult that seeks to rule the land of dreams as the barrier between realities starts to collapse.

A comic issue that seems like it should be confusing and lose readers instead builds a fascinating story with a plot that tells us just enough to keep everyone on board without revealing the mysteries behind what’s going on. There is a connection between the nameless, homeless man and the mysterious stranger in the fantasy world, and while it isn’t clarified yet, it feels somewhat similar to the tale of Don Quixote – a man losing his mind and becoming obsessed with the concept that he’s someone else. Specifically, a hero.

The art is stunning, with a gritty feeling that really works for what’s playing out in the story. The colors evoke the tone and bring out the feelings desired for the readers. The lettering is fantastic, as well.

Grab Parasomnia #1 – out now from Dark Horse Comics.


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