Review: Tales Told in Technihorror #1

Written and lettered by Kiyarn Taghan
Illustrated by Christian Dibari
Colored by Simon Gough
Edited by Shawn French

Black Caravan Imprint: Tales Told In Techni-Horror is a biennial horror series that blends the best in horror sub genres (body shock to grindhouse and more). Each issue contains five short stories from the dark minds that brought you Provenance of Madness. Includes  a mini pinup gallery of horrors.

I loved this first “season” so much! All of the stories were quick, but powerful enough to pack the punch they needed to be effective. It was like watching some condensed Creepshow episodes. There were monsters – under the sea, in space, on land, and more – and it was a blast.

The art was gorgeous, both haunting and enticing, leading the readers into the danger alongside the characters. The colors were stunning and absolutely perfect for the art.

Grab Tales Told in Technihorror #1 this week!


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