Review: HAHA #6

Written by W. Maxwell Prince
Art by Martin Morazzo & Chris O’Halloran, Letters by Good Old Neon

““HAPPY HANK THE VERY HAPPY CLOWN” Now where have we seen this guy before?

The worlds of HAHA and ICE CREAM MAN reveal themselves as one and the same in this story about the last days of Happy Hank (previously seen in ICE CREAM MAN #8). Featuring artwork, of course, by the ICE CREAM MAN creative team of MARTÍN MORAZZO and CHRIS O’HALLORAN.”

The final issue decides to go out with a real BANG. Ice Cream Man crosses into Haha at long last. Having never read Ice Cream Man, it doesn’t have the full impact for me that I’m sure it will for other readers. However, it does have a Joker reference I’m very familiar with.

The artists on board are from Ice Cream Man. Again, I haven’t read, but the style is recognizable and helped sink me into the world. It definitely sold me on needing to dive into Ice Cream Man finally since I absolutely adored HAHA and especially this last issue. The art was fantastic, the lettering was great as always.

Bravo to everyone that worked on HAHA and made such an emotionally impactful series!

Grab issue #6 tomorrow!


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