Review: Dark Blood #1

Writer: Latoya Morgan
Artist: Walt Barna
Colorist: A.H.G.
Letterer: Andworld Design

What if you were given the power to change the course of history?

Alabama, 1955. Avery Aldridge is an ordinary young Black man. A decorated World War II veteran, Avery provides for his wife and daughter.

But wounds of the past have a way of coming back, and Avery Aldridge will soon discover he is anything but ordinary…

After a run-in awakens strange new abilities, Avery’s about to become more powerful than he could have ever dared to dream… in a country and society that never wanted him to have any power.

A bold, evocative genre-bending saga by screenwriter LaToya Morgan (AMC’s The Walking Dead, Into The Badlands) and rising star artist Walt Barna (The Osiris Path) perfect for fans of Department of Truth and Bitter Root!”

This is such a great first issue, with a fascinating premise. It keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time, anxious to see what’s about to happen. Definitely don’t sleep on this book – it’s already heading to second printing.

The art is beautiful, full of action, and dark in so many ways. You feel like you’re in the middle of the danger, too. The colors are so well done and the lettering is perfect.

Grab issue one tomorrow!


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