Review: Save Yourself #2

Written by Bones Leopard
Art by Kelly & Nichole Matthews
Letterered by Jim Campbell

Just as Gigi’s entire world is turned upside down, she is transported to the headquarters of the Cosmic Federation with her brother-in-law Shawn and the alien they just met, Mia. As Gigi and Shawn’s understanding of the universe expands at warp speed and they are pulled into a new world of galaxy alliances and secret agents, they make a devastating realization. The more pressing matter at hand, however, is safeguarding them from the Lovely Trio now that they know the shocking truth!”

This series is such a fun, unique story that honestly stands out. The diverse cast of characters that you can’t help but adore. The brilliant take on magical girl heroes. The heartfelt interactions between characters, and the overall connection you can feel yourself to some characters. It’s all so great.

The art is beautiful, colorful, and really a treat for your eyes. The colors are perfect. The character designs are incredible. The lettering is fantastic.

Be sure to grab issue two tomorrow!


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