Review: By the Horns #4

Art & direction by Markisan Naso
Art, lettering, and design by Jason Muhr
Color art and effects by Andrei Tabacaru

Elodie and her team lock horns with the volcanic sorcerer, Pazuzunox! Meanwhile, Haru and the villagers of Wayfarer are attacked by the wizard of the western wind, who means to take all their magic by force.”

Action packed from start to finish, issue four is insane fun and definitely sets up the next issue. The danger is there, but the gang isn’t going down without a fight. With an issue like this, I can’t WAIT for issue five!

As always, these are some of the most gorgeous pages out there. The art is beautiful, and the action is so fluid and full of life in this issue. The colors are stunning and the lettering is fantastic.

Grab issue four of By The Horns this week!


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