Review: Parasomnia #2

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Andrea Matti
Letters: Simon Bowland

In a twisted dream world, a nameless stranger battles nightmares in his hunt for his missing son–while in the waking world, the boy’s parents find their lives falling apart under the onslaught of hopelessness and insidious cultists.”

If you missed my review for issue one, click here.

This issue gives us a better understanding of not only what is happening, but of the connection of the homeless man and nameless hero. I’m so intrigued by the story so far, and can’t wait to watch the mystery unravel.

Again, the art nails it. The imagery and the colors are perfect, and evoke a tone that suits the story so well. The lettering is great. Everything in this series works together to create such a fascinating book.

Grab it this week!


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