Review: Vinyl #2

Written by Doug Wagner
Art by Daniel Hillyard
Colors by Dave Stewart
Letterered by Ed Dukeshire
Edited by Keven Gardner
Designs by Sasha E Head

Our serial killer Walter has sealed himself in an underground bunker with a sunflower death cult. Now he’s being hunted by an insane myriad of Husks, Sunflower Girls, and monsters. Everything the cult can send at him. Good thing Walter didn’t come alone. That’s right. Walter brought along some friends.”

We’re only on the second issue, and this is already one of my favorite series on the shelves. Serial killers going on a mission together to take out a crazy cult? Absolutely sounds like it was made for me. Top it off with gore galore and horror references, and you have something catered to me.

I adore the art. The character designs, horror homages and imagery. The colors pop so beautifully on every page. The gore is excellent. And the lettering is fantastic.

Don’t miss issue two of Vinyl, this week!


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