Review: Lucky Devil #1

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Fran Galán
Letterer: El Torres

“A down-on-his-luck schlub is possessed by a malevolent demon. Just when he thinks things can’t get worse, the exorcism goes wrong . . . and he finds that somehow he’s retained all of the entity’s supernatural gifts. After a path of revenge on all the people that have wronged him, he begins to gather worshippers and form a cult.
But the legions of Hell don’t take kindly to this, and they send demonic agents to murder the schlub-turned-god before he gains too much power.
* For fans of The Sixth Gun, Harrow County, and Locke & Key.”

This story is absolutely fascinating from start to finish! We get immediately sucked into Stanley’s world, his miserable, mundane life, and everything that beats him down into submission. Until he meets Zed, and everything gets shaken up. This is definitely one of my favorite first issues of a series I’ve read this year!

The art is perfect. The designs are great, the movement in scenes is so fluid, and the colors are fantastic. The lettering is well done.

Don’t miss out on Lucky Devil #1!


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