Review: Save Yourself #3

Written by Bones Leopard
Art by Kelly & Nichole Matthews
Letterered by Jim Campbell

Even as Gigi is still reeling from the revelations about the Lovely Trio, she’ll have to pull it together to rescue her brother Shawn! And the only place she can turn to for help is Mia and the Cosmic Federation, who will need Gigi if they ever hope to expose the truth about the Lovely Trio…

This is such a wholesome and exciting series, with a unique premise and a cast of characters I absolutely adore. I’ll probably be buying this series for my nieces at some point because I think it’s a concept they’d love, and with a perfectly diverse group of characters that they’ll treasure.

The art is, as always, absolutely beautiful. I love the character designs, both humans and alien alike, as well as the way scenes play out on the page visually. The colors are gorgeous and really pop. The lettering is fantastic, as always.

Grab issue three this week!


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